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HERO is able to maintain the independence that allows us to provide urgent medical care to hundreds of people in the Caribbean each year.

On behalf of the HERO's directors and volunteers, more importantly, the people whom we assist, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your belief in our humanitarian work and your ongoing support in making it a reality.

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Sat, September 22nd, 2012

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Guyanese U.S. doctors team-up to save lives back home

Collie Oudkerk and Wayne Sampson knew what to expect when they decided to volunteer for a medical mission 10 years ago in the deprived areas of Guyana. Both founding members of (HERO), Health and Educational Relief Organization, the two young Guyanese-born doctors made a commitment to serve the people for as long as it took to educate and heal them. Sampson, who specializes in internal medicine, works in an inner-city clinic in Tallahassee, Florida. "I felt obligated to give back to my country," he said, after getting a sense of the huge gap in education and basic healthcare systems between Guyana and the Western world. more....

Earthquake hits Haiti

On January, 12th, 2010 an earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The aftershocks were felt around the world. The earthquake, 7.1 on the Richter's scale, reduced much of the city's structures to rubble. Unfortunately, the dead and injured are in the hundreds of thousands. Fortunately, the response from the world community has been nothing short of amazing. Aid continues to pour into Haiti, a land that for years and years has had an unfair share of natural and man made disasters.

HERO joins the relief efforts to help restore the shattered lived of those affected by this disaster by joining forces with AMHE and OMAT, organizations that have a track record of doing charitable work in Haiti. These group are familiar with the intracacies of delivering care under difficuly circumstances. We willbe holding a fundraiser and the proceeds will be going to benefit the relief efforts of these organizations. Michelle Wan MD, one of our Directors and a physician afilliated with the Orlando Regional Health System has managed to procure a warehouse full of supplies from that institution, which is on it's way to Haiti. She will be in Haiti from Feb 1- 8.
Come join us to get a first hand report of the situation in Haiti and learn more how you can make a difference. We urge you to support Haiti relief efforts. Haiti, at this time, need all the help that it can get.


ccess to health services, expert management of illnesses, and adequate pre hospital care is a challenge faced by many in various regions of Guyana. In addition, emergency medical care and hospitalization for major medical and surgical illnesses are often limited due to shortages of trained specialists and technology.

It is this state of urgent need that motivated the founders of HERO, Inc to aspire towards a change for the nation. As our organization has grown, we have likewise expanded our efforts and involvement in Guyana. In 2000, our first medical outreach mission consisted of a small team of three medical doctors and a student volunteer. Our medical outreach efforts have expanded from a once-a-year, zealous yet very small group, into a large multi-disciplinary group that travels to Guyana twice a year. Presently, our extensive team of volunteers consists of Physicians, with various subspecialties, Mid- level providers, nurses, medical /pre-medical students and anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand; similarly, our abilities have expanded.

In 2006, HERO's team of Orthopedic and General Surgeons traveled to Guyana and performed reconstructive and corrective surgeries at no cost to many Guyanese citizens suffering from congenital or acquired orthopedic deformities or injuries. HERO not only actively recruited patients, but provided pre and post-operative care for those individuals as well. Many surgical equipments and medications were also donated to Georgetown Hospital. We have since continued performing corrective surgeries and providing braces to many children and adults at least once a year.

The old adage "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" represents the root of our mission- to aid institutions delivering health care and education in Guyana.

In August 2008, HERO's medical team returned from yet another successful medical mission trip. We were able to treat first-time patients, as well as follow up with patients who we have treated in the past. This continuity of care is one of the highlights of our medical outreach. Our aims for the immediate and near future include building partnerships with medical training programs. Through this, we hope to provide a means of contributing to the education and support of physicians who remain in Guyana to practice.

In the News...

Dr. Sampsom being recognized
Inside his medical practice in Tallahassee, Wayne Sampson is a doctor, but inside this village in his native Guyana, he's a hero. More details

HERO bestows honors at third awards gala
The exceptional work of doctors, healthcare workers, and volunteers of the Health and Educational Relief Organization (HERO), was showcased with a video presentation of missions to Guyana, and words of praise during the organization?s Third Annual Awards Dinner and Dance on Saturday, Sept. 26. More...

HERO Enjoys a Night of Support and Success
The Health & Educational Relief Organization Inc.; (HERO Inc.) hosted their annual dinner event recently at the beautiful Terrace on the Park venue in Queens, NY; the proceeds from the event goes back into their work to continue providing medical care, treatment, surgery and follow-up in Guyana. More...

Reaching out with Medical Care & Support



n the occasion of our 2nd awards gala we come before you with deep gratitude for your continued support of our efforts to bring medical and Educational Relief to vulnerable Guyanese communities. Our tireless core of volunteers is continuously at work on a number of healthcare and education related initiatives that are designed to improve the quality of life for the Guyanese people. Tonight, we salute individuals who have made invaluable contributions to our relief efforts and hope that their unselfishness continue to inspire us to do more for the country that we deeply love.

We are encouraged by the progress being made in the delivery of health care to communities in need. In the ensuing eight years since we launched our relief efforts, more and more patients now have regular contact with the health care system and are more informed about the various ailments that afflict them - a direct result of patient oriented education due in part to the involvement of organizations such as ours with the local health care system and better access to information due to globalization. We are committed to continuing the progress towards closing the great gap in health care disparity between what is considered universally acceptable and what exists in Guyana.

On the education frontier, we have invested heavily in a pilot program designed to improve literacy among a group of children living in abject poverty. The goal of the program is to demonstrate the unlimited potential of a child once given an opportunity to succeed. This summer the children were given reading and art lessons by tutors we sponsored. The mere fact that these children, who generally live in communities with little or no opportunities, were engaged in productive activities is in itself a success story. As recent violent events in Guyana have informed us that the children we neglect can become future problems for society. With our investment, we see the intellectual pursuits of children obviating the trappings of a sub-culture that thrive where hopelessness prevails.

It is our hope that we continue to earn your confidence as we continue this remarkable journey.

Again, thanks for your support.

Wayne Sampson, M.D.

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